Professional Assessment.

Do not suffer Simplify your journey: become an actor of your career.

Aware that there is talent in everyone. Our solutions and tests collect data about career plans (mobility and deadline, desire to change position/profession, desire to acquire new skills, needs and expectations), personality, values, strengths… everything that will allow you to express your full potential and excel in a position. 

With Solutions, the uniqueness of your profile (personality, strengths) is matched with the job or position that suits you best. 

Follow by our advisors, you will build your career plan.

Be accompanied by our advisors for your professional assessment.

Take your career in hand and achieve your potential.

The objective of this support for experienced employees: with, the beneficiary is accompanied by a qualified HR consultant.

  • Take stock of your technical skills and background
  • Conduct the beneficiary in the construction and development of his professional project
  • Better understand who he/she is, know his personality, values and Softskills
  • Discover all the possible trades for him given his technical skills and affinities.

Our supportive approach allows us to reinvent yourself, by making you an actor in your “project” of reconversion and repositioning. 

Our advisors are seasoned HR and professional repositioning professionals.

Feeding the need for meaning.

What’s the point of running like this, and for what in the end? I don’t understand the successive decisions taken by my management and I really struggle to understand what is expected of me. I need meaning in what I do. “

The need for meaning arises when we no longer feel very useful and when we have the impression that we’re just doing something. 

If you’re in this situation, get in touch with us. The origin of this feeling can also be found in the inaccuracy of your uniqueness with the position you occupy or the environment in which you evolve. 

With the help of our solutions, our program can easily guide you towards a career that matches your personality and aspirations.

Working on identity and posture.

After a few years, the transition to another job leads to a major transformation in professional identity. A source of hopes, fears, and energy, for many people this change represents a delicate moment in their career. What better way to support this transition than with coaching? 

Coaching will help you to develop the way you look at your own position in relation to a specific situation.

Our multi-disciplinary consultant-coaches are certified in NLP and “energetic or self-awareness” coaching and will work with you during the sessions to guide you towards optimal emotional and mental well-being, so that you can flourish professionally.