Professional assessment – repositioning.

Having the right people in the right place.

Because experiencing the best candidate for a position (good technical skills) can taste like a failure. 

Hard skills called “hard” technical skills are certainly essential, but they are no longer enough. It is important to check compatibility with soft skills known as behavioural or transversal skills. These are tomorrow’s skills in the face of complexity and future changes. 

Know each other better. Understand each other better, to do better.

Considering technical skills, transversal, better known oneself, to succeed in one’s position. These skills analysis (adaptation, motivation, irritants – comfort zone and stress situation) reveals the attitudes that individuals adopt on a job and in relationships with others.

Our solution makes it possible! Understand a skills assessment, identify soft skills, and accurately visualize the job where the employee will be successful. 

Build your project with an advisor.

Constructive discussions with an advisor who will work with the beneficiary to map out the skills and occupations that are unique to each employee. The results of personality and behavioural dynamic tests will also be analyzed to discuss the different postures required for different professions. 

Review technical skills.

Thanks to our tool, the beneficiary can get moving and easily carry out a first version of the consolidation of their technical skills themselves. Our technology, which is based on a job reference framework, will first enable them to find out their actual level compared with the actual skills required for the job, and then to identify the skills they need to acquire. 

A dedicated space for consultants.

Thanks to your dedicated space, advisers, HR consultants or coaches can support your customers independently by viewing the dashboards and being able to :

Whatever your support methodology, our solutions are designed to make your work easier by giving meaning to your mission and enabling your beneficiaries to benefit from the power of our solutions. 

Test our solution.
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