What is affinity matching?

Having the right person in the right place.

A few years ago, a method of matching people by affinity was introduced by matrimonial agencies. Since then, several companies have been competing to create algorithms that attempt to match two people based on their characteristics, preferences, expectations, etc. 

Affinity matching is the search for a person’s compatibility based on their skills, personality, and motivating factors, with professions, job offers, training courses, companies, and even other people.

The approach we use is based on data from behavioural science and field experience.

These neuroscience specialists have studied the behaviour of groups of people from schools, hospitals, and later companies. The underlying objective was to offer an individual a work environment/personal development and a job that matched their intrinsic personality, behavioural skills, and aspirations.

The results obtained from this approach enable employees to manage their careers and their development, and future managers to manage their teams as effectively as possible. The future managers to manage their teams more effectively. 

Employees can align themselves with their future job and the team and interact effectively to achieve their objectives. 

This approach has been created for each of the 540 professions in our database, to be as close as possible to the expectations of each profession.