Visualize on which career employees will be at the best to express themselves!

Get your employees involved in planning their career path.  They want to develop in an environment that inspires them. 

Our career-match solution enables you to identify the jobs and functions in which your employees will succeed. 

How does allows you to project yourselves?

The employee visualizes his career plan, he will be suggested positions that will correspond to him. The matching will allow to see the result of compatibility.

The HR and the manager from their dashboard advise, by making simulations to reorient team members on the position where they will be more relevant with planning successions.

Rethink the logic of mobility based on intelligent and relevant data.

Our career-match solution uses your repository of jobs or skills*. Our matching algorithms use this data and employee data to suggest jobs and skills in which the employee will be more efficient.

Matching is the correspondence between the employee’s profile and the jobs in your jobs and skills repository. It’s a new experience you can offer your employees. 

*If you do not have a repository for your Job, we can provide you with one.

Technology at your service.

Our solution is designed to be directly linked to your intranet or any HRIS system. 

Algorithms and taxonomy are technologies that link our skills repository to yours. 

Our solution does not replace your HRIS; on the contrary, it enhances it with complementary components that provide employees with easy guidance. 

HR and managers will be able to consult skills and jobs, and if necessary, find employees who meet specific needs in terms of skills or position. 

A lever for employee commitment.

Each employee has direct access to his or her own dedicated space for career planning, changing jobs or acquiring new skills. 

They will have the opportunity to get to know themselves better through all the integrated psychometric tests and questionnaires, and to discover the jobs and positions that best suit them. 

Career development.

Recruiting executives and managers is a delicate and costly process. Rather than looking for external recruits, why not opt for an effective and economical solution by training your current employees for positions of responsibility? 

For example, did you know that an accountant is 88% of a data scientist? In fact, the technical and behavioural skills that make a good data scientist are very similar to those of a good accountant! So you’ll be quicker to train an accountant to become a data scientist than to pay 2 or 3 times as much to recruit a data scientist.

Our solution allows you to see employees who are close to a position, and this career development prospect would be very rewarding for the employee. 

The trade-specific reference is essential.

This is an essential tool for making the best possible use of our solution. It’s the list of all the jobs and their specific skills that will enable your employees to see themselves in the future. 

The suggestion technology is based on this list of skills and professions to suggest jobs to employees. The possible jobs are presented by proximity to the employee’s profile. 

We can provide you with one if you don’t have one. 

Discover the platform will change your HR evaluation that will change your daily life!