exists to give HR meanings in their missions. Thought our solutions, we provide powerful allies to support your human capital a solution that will change your daily work.

We imagine a solution that will lighten your  work life and allow you to focus on on empowering your mission: advising, coaching, supporting and helping to perform.

We live in a world where we are constantly looking for meaning in what we do. It’s time to do as big African companies who have chosen our solutions to manage and support their employees. 

Do like these companies who trust us.​.

Adopt a new way of working with That offer you powerful features to succeed in your recruitment, manage the mobility of your employees, detect talents, prepare your training plans, prepare succession plans… 

With predict the development trajectories of your employees in a targeted way.

Our matching algorithms make it possible to determine the compatibility of your business lines and functions with your employees.  

Understand the talent of each employee.

Be more efficient in supporting your teams with data based on human sciences. 

A complete and detailed view of each employee will reinforce your role and offer each employee well-being. 

Know better, understand better to fulfill.

Les salariés ont pour la plupart la volonté d’évoluer dans un environnement qui les inspire.

Nos tests intégrés à nos solutions leur permettent de mieux se comprendre. Notre solution prédit leurs parcours, tout en leur permettant de connaitre leurs forces et faiblesses sur leurs postes afin s’ajuster si besoin.

One of the strengths lies in the quality and
exceptional acuity of our two questionnaires.

One of the strengths lies in the quality and exceptional acuity of our two questionnaires.

Personality Assessment Big5

Analyze your personality to 
better know the direction to take. 

Questionnaire on behavioural

Detect your behavioral dynamics with 75 human dimensions in normal times and times of stress.

Use our solutions to build loyalty among your employees.

Remuneration is not the only lever to keep your employees. Take time to advise, to support and coach, allow people to feel better good in their environment. All employees need their aspirations to be herded, their needs. After all, the better we understand each other, the better we will provide tailor-made support. An employee listened to, is more efficient. This means going back to the fundamentals of your mission.

Your recruitment and career management tools on a single platform.

Our solution supports decision-making in human capital management. HR, employees, and candidates to optimize time for exchanges and sharing. We will change your daily work life!

We are !


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