Program Manager – Assessment.

It is absurd that a woman should lead others when she cannot direct himself.

Having the right people in the right place.

This programme is designed for team managers. Its aim is to help managers discover their “identity” as a manager. 

With this programme, the manager will undergo a series of tests to find out about the specifics of their personality: their irritants, their strengths and weaknesses, their motivational and behavioural dynamics, their group dynamics, and their ability to adapt to others. 

Through group and/or individual sessions with one of our experienced consultants, the manager discovers the conditions for expressing his strengths while acting on his weaknesses and irritants.

The second ambition is to help managers understand that their quest is not to be the tool, but that the tool is themselves, so that they can take real control of their own progress as managers. 

Encourage the development of your managers.

Most managers became managers based on their technical skills. However, management is a role and a profession, so it is imperative to equip them with managerial skills to lead and ensure the productivity of their teams. 

Managing yourself.

One of the manager’s tensions is often at the level of his own individual organisation and could be summed up by this Latin proverb: “It is absurd for a man to have to manage others when he cannot manage himself”. 

Indeed, the manager must deal with everything that makes up the operational side of things and its constraints (such as managing workloads, timetables, or even relational tensions within his team).  At the same time, they have the obligation to keep the team’s results in line with the organization’s expectations. 

A new field has clearly been opened in recent years, that of psychological support for anxious, tense employees. With this programme, the manager will learn to know herself and manage contradictory injections. 

The tool does not make the use.

To meet their challenges, managers dream of finding the right tool, and the market is adapting to this demand by multiplying the “tool” approaches to management.

This very variety is leading to a loss of confidence among managers. 

Since management is a profession based on relationships, we intervene to show that the tool is the manager and that he or she must learn to think about the relationship with the people he or she manages. It’s about learning to configure this relationship with the right posture, so that the managerial gesture can be constantly readjusted to optimize the relationship.

Our multi-disciplinary consultant-coaches, certified in NLP and “energetic or self-awareness” coaching, are on hand during the sessions to guide you towards “techniques” that will enable you to find pleasure in your management role.  

Our psycho-technical and neuroscientific test assessments.

Thanks to our partnership with institutions*, we can offer exceptionally 

accurate tests of personality and behavioral dynamics.

The Big5


The Big5 personality test

A large proportion of our tests are based on the Big5 methodology, which is currently the most suitable tool for assessing personality in a professional context. These assessments are reliable and sufficient research has been conducted and scientifically proven. It is used to anticipate behaviour in a professional environment when faced with stressful or normal situations.

Behavioural Dynamics questionnaire

By assessing behavioural dynamics rather than personality, the behavioral dynamics questionnaire identifies potential, but also the risks of demotivation or over-investment. It provides an indication of how an individual approaches a situation and the extent to which he or she can adapt and act in a calm and sustainable manner.