Improve your recruitment.

Recreate the way recruiters/HR, candidates getting to relationship, highlight the skills of the future (soft skills), put human, whom is key for the compagnies performance, at the center of the recruitment process.

Beyond technical skills that are essential to understand the potential candidate pot, it is necessary to understand who he is : motivation, values, personality, behavioral skills. See beyond The CV.

Through our personality and behavioural dynamics tests, we make sure that your future colleague fits to the positions to be filled. 


Identifying the right profile is essential to successful recruitment. Technical skills are very important, but they only represent half the requirements of a job. The other half consists of knowing whether the candidate has the behavioural qualities to match the company’s requirements in terms of your culture and environment. 

Our recruitment solution goes beyond CVs and technical skills. It allows you to check the technical and behavioural requirements, personality traits and motivational drivers specific to the candidate and which correspond to the position. 

Matching the position.

Once the invitations have been sent out, the candidates will take the personality tests and the behavioural dynamics questionnaire. 

With our matching solution in your space, you’ll have a list of those who best match your environment. 

You can also match pre-selected candidates to one of your open recruitment campaigns in your space. 

Recruit and onboard.

Our solution gives you the maximum amount of information about candidates to help you make the right decision, in addition to the job interview. 

Make sure you have an integration process to foster a sense of belonging. 

Use our platform for successful recruitment.

Relevant tests that enable you to go beyond technical skills and recruit your rare pearl.

Personality Test

The Big 5

In order to gain a better understanding of the candidate and the traits that characterise them. 

This test has been taken 700,000 times, enabling us to refine our algorithms. 



Thanks to our partnership with a major institution, the ANC, a unique tool

  • Assessment of coping skills and resilience
  • Diagnosis of self-confidence and posture within the team
  • Identify sustainable and failure-sensitive motivations
  • Highlight the risks of burn out / brown out